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MedCircles Ghana is an initiative of Modern Medical Associates Ltd. (MMA) with core mandate to engineer a medically informed Ghana. It is the first online platform in Ghana dedicated to health news, medical research publications, op-ed articles, interviews and a disease library. We have assembled a team of qualified health professionals made of medical doctors, nurses, scientists, physiotherapist, dietitians, occupational therapist, researchers and journalist to best write, edit and publish relevant health information.

MedCircles provides simple, accurate and informative health and medical information purposely to educate the Ghanaians on the hazards they expose themselves to by engaging in certain lifestyles. It is the desire of the leadership of MedCircles to continue the advocacy for disease prevention, patient safety, quality healthcare and evidence-based medical health care. This would lead to good health which result in improved wealth creation and ultimately leading to a boost in the socio-economic development of Ghana, and the rest of sub-Saharan Africa.

What we publish!

  • Medical News
  • Health News
  • Medical research updates
  • Expert opinion in various health fields
  • Disease Library (Epidemiology, care and treatment of diseases in Ghana and Africa)

MedCircles over the years has fully been funded by its initiators. We are currently welcoming partners, able men and women, businesses, organizations to support us to make our vision a reality whiles we establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

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