If you walk like this, you could be suffering from arthritis

Arthritis is affecting people of all ages, from elderly to the young. It leads to excessive discomfort and inflammation in the joints, making movement tough and restrictive for those suffering from it. Arthritis has impacted over 180 million people in India, which is higher than diseases like diabetes, AIDS and cancer.

Reports suggest that arthritis is more common among women than men and in overweight people. But there are some who may be affected by it, but don’t yet know it. There is one hip arthritis symptom that you can identify on your own – early detection will obviously help you manage it better.

According to the Washington University Physicians, regardless of the type of arthritis you have, one of the symptoms include difficulty in walking or walking with a limp. It may start as a slight limp while walking or at intermittent times. And this is most prominent in hip arthritis.

Most people are not aware that arthritis is a progressive disorder; it starts slowly and gradually before becoming worse with time. Patients with arthritis can have stiffness in the hip or can have limiting movement.

The hip pain is usually intense in the morning, and this pain can move to the groin and outer thighs.

If you experience these symptoms, it’s advised to consult your doctor for investigations.

This story was first published in Times of India. Read the original story here

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