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How long can you delay pregnancy and remain fertile?

A woman is most fertile in her 20s. Having said that, you must know that her fertility changes throughout her life. Some women stay fertile even in their late 30s, still there can be women who face fertility issues even at a younger stage. Many experts believe that a woman’s fertility starts to decline after the age of 35. But it must be noted that infertility is no longer a woman’s problem alone.

Researches have shown that infertility issues occur in men and women equally, with up to 20 per cent issues being a combination of men and women, both. Men face issues like low sperm count, affected motility of sperms and abnormalities in morphology.

This is the reason that many people (and even experts) recommend planning timely pregnancy. Delaying parenthood can be a personal choice and may not have heavy consequences, unless of course you are not careful about your overall health. In later years, issues like cysts and fibroids and even hormonal imbalance can interfere with natural pregnancy, hence making it important for couples trying to conceive to visit their gynecologist if they don’t succeed within a period of 6-8 months.

It goes without saying that leading a healthy lifestyle is of prime importance for fertility. “Various studies have established that a big chunk of infertility cases occur due to lifestyle diseases such as endometriosis, obesity, irregular menstruation and more,”

According to Gynecologists, judicious use of contraception is safe and quite successful. It is however unsafe if women make wrong choices of contraceptive methods like repeated use of I-Pill or delays pregnancy after 35 or undergo repeated abortions.”

In short, you must get yourself regular tested if you plan to delay pregnancy. It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle – eat healthy, workout regularly, omit tobacco, use safe methods of contraception, and keep stress at bay.

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